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Cuisine Aboard Barge Athos: Food & Drink

Sublime food and wine is a principle reason why people to come to France. Inspired both by the tradition of rich, French cuisine and fresh Mediterranean ingredients, Athos' chef takes passengers on a journey through the very best of the Southern French culinary tradition.


Gourmet French meals are a centerpiece of the Athos experience. The Languedoc is home to a great diversity of food and culinary traditions, all of which feature exceptional local ingredients. Chef carefully selects fresh produce from the local markets and will delight you with cuisine that reflects the region and its love affair with food. Dishes inspired by the first cherries of spring through to the squash harvest in October will be a cruise highlight.


When you think French wines, Bordeaux, Champagne and Burgundy come to mind, but the Languedoc is a truly exciting wine region with so much more variety and so many different flavors. Enjoy beautiful sparkling wines, elegant white wines that pair so well with local oysters cultivated at the nearby coast, and full-bodied red wines that taste of the wild herbs that grow in the Mediterranean landscape. If you're looking to discover new wines, Languedoc is the place to come.

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