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Frequently Asked Questions

A standard barge cruise is 6-nights / 7 days, typically beginning on Sunday afternoon and ending on Saturday morning after breakfast. A few barges run Saturday-Friday, see the particular barge's rate page to view their departure day, or contact us.

What's generally included in an "all-inclusive" barge cruise:

What's not included:

The barges we represent accommodate between 4 and 20 guests. For larger groups, we can provide a "tandem charter" for up to 24 guests.

You may choose to book the entire vessel for a private charter or just one or more cabins and share the boat with other like-minded passengers.

Wheelchair accessible barging cruises www.BargeCharters.comPhysically challenged or need wheel chair accessibility?

Smoking: No smoking inside of the barge. Smoking is allowed outside, but please be considerate of other guests on board.

All barges have English-speaking crew. Most are British. Some crew will speak other European languages as well.

Guided excursions. While very interesting, perhaps you just want to chill out on the barge, take a snooze, or do something else that afternoon. That's OK, too.

Let us know if:

We always stress that good communication between guests and crew is important. If you have a problem, don't hide it... let them know as they want this to be your best vacation ever :)

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