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Barge Cruises on the Lower Shannon River, Ireland - Between Glasson and Killaloe

Barge Cruise Itineraries - River Shannon, Ireland

When it comes to river cruises, Ireland remains one of the most fascinating undiscovered locations in the world. Offering a mixture of folklore, quaint customs, friendly locals, and the sort of lush green landscapes which earn the island its nickname of ‘The Emerald Isle’,

Shannon Pricess - Shannon River Ireland itinerary map

Cruise gently through the heart of hidden Ireland aboard the Irish Hotel Barge Shannon Princess, calling at pretty riverside villages, little changed through the centuries, while enjoying on board service and cuisine second to none. The Shannon Princess is all about creating a trip of a lifetime and they are happy to tailor the perfect vacation just for you. With their Classic Barge Cruise itinerary you can also add extra activities on a pay as you go "à la carte" basis including golf, fishing, and horse riding.


The Shannon between Glasson and Killaloe



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