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Cruising the South of France — Canal du Midi and Provence

Barge Cruise Itineraries - Roi Soleil

French Barge Roi Soleil - Cruising the south of France

1) Canal du Midi - Between Béziers and Carcassonne

Canal du Midi is our most sought after route – Commissioned by Louis XIV and now on the World Heritage list, this route takes you through rugged and scenic Languedoc. It makes for a charming navigation, the canal twists and turns above the valley and vineyards under a tree canopy, you will be spoiled with plunging views stretching to the Pyrenees.

Our route takes in the most scenic part but also the most dramatic locks and canal bridges.

The region of Languedoc unravels a rich history and architecture. This is a land of proud people devoted to their terroir and awarded wines … a passion they will share with you in private tastings.

Whether your passion is for history, arts and crafts, nature activities, village atmosphere, wine discovery or shopping – each day your Roi Soleil cruise will be tailored to your interest.

Of course you can also theme your entire cruise to be a Wine Discovery or Young Family cruise.

2) Provence, Camargue, Languedoc - Between Béziers and Avignon

Bathed in mythic light, so loved by the Impressionist painters, Provence seduces, beguiles, and indulges you. This route, unique to the Roi Soleil, cruises the 3 stunning regions: Provence – cruise at sunset on the Rhone River by the Popes Palace in Avignon; the Camargue – where you can spy the grazing bulls and wild white horses in the nature: and Languedoc through the Canal du Midi – meandering under the trees and discovering new and delicious wines.

Savour a Glass of Chateau Neuf du Pape with the winemaker himself; follow in the footsteps of Vincent Van Gogh in Arles; glide through the lagoon of Thau amongst the oyster beds and the pink flamingoes, pick up some crayfish from the local fishermen for lunch; take a picture.

A charter on ROI SOLEIL is all about CHOICE. Each day your cruise will be tailored to your interests.

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