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Garden Themed Barging Cruises

Garden Cruises in Italy - Garden Cruises in Scotland

If you’re a keen gardener or would simply like to admire some of Europe’s finest gardens, why not combine your passion for horticulture with a luxury hotel barge cruise?

Dedicated garden cruises include visits to some of the best gardens, estates, and parklands in Europe. You will learn about the history of each garden from the expert guides, as well as the cultivation and preservation of a variety of plants and flowers from the professional gardeners.

In Italy:

Italian Garden Cruise Barging in Italy

View La Bella Vita’s Garden Cruise itinerary.

In Scotland:

Scottish Garden Cruise Barging in Scotland

You will visit spectacular gardens and woodlands, including:

View Spirit of Scotland’s Garden Cruise itinerary.

Hotel Barges Offering Garden Cruises


Hotel Barge LA BELLA VITA - Barging in Italy -

Venice & Lagoon, Bianca Canal, Po Valley
Up to 20 guests
Charters and Cabin cruises
Themed Barge Cruises:
Family, Gardens, Golf, Opera, Wine

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Hotel Barge SPIRIT OF SCOTLAND - Barging in Scotland -

Caledonian Canal (includes Loch Ness)
Up to 12 guests
Charters and Cabin cruises
Themed Barge Cruises:
Family, Garden, Golf, Whisky

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