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Barging in Italy

Barging in Italy - Cruise the Venetian Lagoon, Canals and Po Valley

MAP Italy Venetian Lagoon, Canals and Po Valley

The variety of charming waterways between Venice and Mantua promises a unique and magical cruising experience. The itinerary includes fascinating excursions that offer a real insight into the many cultures – Roman, Etruscan, Istrian, Byzantine and, of course, Renaissance – that have influenced the arts, architecture and history of the region over many centuries. This special voyage also gives the opportunity to enjoy the diverse landscapes and nature en route, from picturesque lagoon islands with their colorful houses, to wild beach dunes and pine woods with an abundance of birdlife; from the charming Venetian port of Chioggia via the River Po and Bianco Canal to the captivating lakeside setting of the Renaissance city of Mantua.

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Hotel Barge BELLA VITA - Barging in Italy -

Venice & Lagoon, Bianca Canal, Po Valley
Up to 20 guests
Charters and Cabin cruises
Themed Cruises: Family, Gardens, Golf, Opera, Wine

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