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Barging in Germany / Luxembourg

The picturesque Moselle region of Germany is a wine lover's paradise and is most famous for its wines made from the Riesling grape. The area is known for the steep slopes of the region's vineyards overlooking the River Moselle.

MAP Moselle River

Moselle River between Remich, Luxembourg and Koblenz, Germany

The river runs through one of Europe's most beautiful valleys and is perfect for anyone wishing to experience the romantic Germany of castles, vineyards, and half-timbered villages. Unlike the more heavily visited Rhine, the Moselle allows the visitors to meander at a more leisurely pace among colourful towns, markets and forests.

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Barging in Germany and Luxembourg

Hotel Barge La Nouvelle Etoile

Hotel Barge LA NOUVELLE ETOILE - Barging in Germany and Luxembourg -

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The River Moselle (Koblenz to Remich)
Up to 8 guests
Charters and Cabin cruises

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