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Visit Domaine Chanson with Hotel Barge L'Impressionniste in Burgundy, France

Wine lovers unite! The French Hotel Barge L'Impressionniste has a recent addition to their itinerary: a visit to the enchanting Domaine Chanson, at the heart of the Burgundy “terroir” since 1750.

Domaine Chanson - Barging in Burgundy France

Bountiful Burgundy

As well as its charming history, culture, and gastronomy, the French wine region of Burgundy is most famously known for its picturesque UNESCO-listed “Climats, terroirs”; a specific selection of vineyard found only on the slopes of the Côte de Nuits and the Côte de Beaune. While you may experience this fascinating site on other of our Burgundy cruises, this excursion is up-close-and-personal with a walk through a Côte de Beaune vineyard, followed by a private tour, tasting and mouth-watering lunch. It is all included in your visit to Domaine Chanson when you book your cruise aboard L'Impressionniste.

The Vineyards at Domaine Chanson

Domaine Chanson Vineyards - Barging in Burgundy France

The Domaine Chanson experience begins with a tour of the Côte de Beaune vineyard. Here, your expert guide will offer an insight into the production of the region's finest Premier and Grand Cru wines. These spectacular vineyards are planted with either Chardonnay or Pinot Noir, depending on their soil characteristics.

A Visit to Chez Chanson

Domaine Chanson sign - Barging in Burgundy France

After exploring the vineyard, you are transported to Chez Chanson for a further tour, a private tasting of the domaine's superb wines, and a gastronomic lunch. A real highlight at Chez Chanson is the spectacular 15th-century defense tower. Once a watchtower, the bastion (known locally as the Bastion de l'Oratoire) is classed as a historical monument that became the property of Chanson after the French Revolution. Featuring 8-meter thick walls, the tower is now used as the perfect spot for aging Domaine Chanson wines because of its constant temperature and humidity level.

Domaine Chanson bastion - Barging in Burgundy France

Domaine Chanson's wholesome approach to winemaking perfectly fuses an age-old respect for traditional manual harvesting, the “whole bunch fermentation process”, and barrel aging within its 15th-century bastion cellar. It is actually quite spectacular. Whole-bunch fermentation is a red winemaking technique where intact bunches of grapes are placed in the fermenter, rather than the grapes being de-stemmed and/or crushed.

Feeling Inspired?

Experience the spectacular Domaine Chanson on our Southern Burgundy cruise aboard French Hotel Barge l'Impressionniste.

French Hotel Barge L'Impressionniste

Hotel Barge L'Impressionniste - Barging in Southern Burgundy France

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